Friday, 12 April 2013

Vote needed

Dear Supporter,

following my last email asking for supporters to attend the extra ordinary meeting last night i attach the two options that our supporters were asked to vote on. (on a wet cold night with little notice we still managed to have about 40 people attend!)

Option A
is to continue with the Town and Village green application as shown on the left side

this is the boundary plan of the area of land known as Laundry field that the group submitted an application to register the land as a Town and Village Green.

Option B
is to withdraw the application and to proceed with the offer by the HCA (the owners) to ask Bristol City Council to register the land marked in a red line as shown on the right side of picture

(This plan also show the housing that will subject to planning approval be built on the laundry field)

Could you please reply to this email indicating which option you wish the group to proceed with

Simply state I support Option A or Option B and add your name to the email.

Votes will only be taken upto 10am on Monday 12th April as we need to submit documents if option A is supported.


Many thanks for your support

Mark Logan

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