Sunday, 1 April 2012

Grove Wood Celebrations

Lord Stapleton and Lady Fishponds were delighted to be joined by over 60 fellow residents of their neighbourhoods for the grand opening and perambulation of Grove Wood Town Green today. They were joined by special guests including Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, various animals including Andy the Kingfisher, Hilary the badger, Annette the fox, Chris the hedgehog and Cheryl the dormouse.

The April Fools day theme was added to by Councillor Lesley Alexander dressed as a clown and we were protected from any malevolent forces that might have stopped us enjoying our Town Green by Leo the Transformer.

It was a fabulous afternoon with warm spring sunshine, beautiful spring flowers and the wood was full of people who really appreciate this very special place.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our celebration, especially those people who have worked so hard to protect the woods over the last four years.