Saturday, 15 March 2014

Update March 2014

We've been busy since the last post and have lots of plans for this year.
We are just confirming some dates etc but we hope to be putting on the following events
Litter Pick -Sunday 13th April 12:00noon
Easter Egg Hunt 20th April 12:30pm
Oldbury Court Explorers Day 18th May (Plans are afoot with Bristol Festival of Nature for a joint event, just finalising details - keep your diaries free should be lots of activities)
Fun Dog Show 8th June 1.30pm
Family Fun Day Sun 31st August (location to be confirmed Laundry Field??)
Winter Festival Sun 7th Dec

You may have noticed we have also installed cycle planters in the car park recently with thanks to Bristol City Council for the funding. These have been located in places where cars are not supposed to park. This will enable emergency services to be able to get into the park without obstruction and when leaving the car park will also help in providing better visibilty.

After several years of asking we have eventually managed to secure some funding from Bristol City Council to repair some of the footpaths leading into Snuff Mills. This will however mean that the footpath will be closed on Tuesday 18th all day. You can still walk along the grass on the left but will have to hop off a low wall at the end!