Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Laundry Field signs

The signs in Laundry Field seem to have attracted a quite a lot of attention recently and hardly any of them still have the warnings about sticking to the footpath on anymore as the stickers have been pulled off.

The HCA have been in contact with us to say that the signs will be replaced and if they continue to be vandalised, they may need to take further action because it is criminal damage. This could include seeking to restrict access to the field although they have assured us that they do not wish to do so at present.

While we understand the anger that the signs have caused, we do not condone vandalism or criminal damage and we want to maintain a good relationship with the HCA because we believe this is the best way to ensure Laundry Field is saved.

We are in contact with the HCA and are discussing whether a less offensive looking sign could go up. More news soon.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Evidence of new tree damage in Grove Woods

A member of SMAG has taken these shots of tree damage done by the owner's workman this week. Surely this must be against the law given the blanket tree preservation order that now covers the woods. There is also photographic evidence that this activity is almost certainly disturbing the otters but we won't publish those pictures here in order to protect their location.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Council Serve Notice To Remove Cabin

Bristol City Council served notice on the landowner to remove the portacabin from Grove Woods on 24th September. Snuff Mills Action Group have been fighting for this to happen for a long time and we would like to congratulate the Council on taking this action. The legal notice is reproduced below (click the image to read it).

The container should have gone by the 22nd October at the latest but is still there. We understand that Bristol City Council are now taking action because of the landowner's refusal to comply with the notice to remove it. However, a large section of the Heras fencing has been removed from the stretch along the footpath and the section by the steps. This is a definite improvement.

Unfortunately some damage has been done to saplings by indiscriminate strimming of the river bank.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sunday gardening

We have several more gardening dates organised so we can spruce up the garden at Snuff Mills in time for winter and plant some bulbs for the spring (if they arrive from the supplier in time).

Gardening takes place every other Sunday between 10-12noon and these are the dates we have organised at the moment:
Sun October 25th - Gardening - 10-12noon
Sun November 8th - Gardening - 10-12noon
Sun November 22nd - Gardening - 10-12noon

Just bring yourself, some gloves and basic gardening tools if you have them