Friday, 16 July 2010

Path works about to start

The paths in Snuff Mills will be restored during the week of 26th July. The work is being done by contractors Greentrees through Bristol City Council who have all worked hard to ensure the paths can be made to the highest possible standard with the money available.

Not all of Snuff Mills will be accessible during the week of the work.

On Monday 26th July it will not be possible to cross Halfpenny Bridge to get to Oldbury Court because the path that gets flooded next to the bridge will be being fixed - If you want to get to Oldbury Court from Snuff Mills on Monday 26th July you will need to walk through Grove Wood on the other side of the river.

The upper and lower paths will be surfaced between Tuesday - Thursday and it should be possible to enjoy the valley but you won't be able to use the path that is being surfaced - It might be an idea to keep your dog on a lead while this work is taking place.

On Friday 30th July the footpath from the Mill to where the two paths split will be surfaced. It will not be possible to get to the valley from the Mill on that day. If you want to get in to the valley from the car park on Friday 30th July you can either visit Grove Wood on the opposite side of the valley or walk up in to Quarry Field and along the top of the valley by Ham Lane. We hope to have signs to guide you.

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