Friday, 16 July 2010

New benches for Snuff Mills - coming soon!

The new benches for Snuff Mills are in the final stages of making their way to the valley. They have been made specially for us by a company in Scotland, so it is taking a little longer than we had hoped for them to arrive.

A total of 11 new metal benches will be installed between the park entrance and Halfpenny Bridge thanks to the People's Millions lottery money and the kind sponsorship of many local people. Every single bench will be dedicated to someone who loved or loves the area.

The benches will be installed in more interesting places than the current ones so that visitors to the valley can sit in quieter spots not just next to paths. They will be installed by Snuff Mills Action Group volunteers with help from Bristol City Council. Because of this, it may take a little while for all of them to be installed.

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