Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Himalayan balsam pulling

This rather beautiful looking plant is called Himalayan Balsam. While it might look good it is a very invasive plant that grows like a triffid and it is choking up our riverbanks making them less good for wildlife. There is a lot of it along the River Frome in Snuff Mills and on the other side of the river from Oldbury Court.

We've organised a special event to pull up this weed from along the river bank on Sunday 18th July from 2-4pm. Meet in the garden and bring gloves if you have them.

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stevem said...

About half a dozen people joined us for this event. We pulled up all of this invasive alien species from the Mill to Halfpenny Bridge.

We'll have another go in a few weeks as no doubt new plants will grow where we pulled up the big ones.

Feel free to pull a bit up if you see any, it's easy to do and there is nothing else that looks like it!