Thursday, 29 July 2010

Grove Wood container gone

After what seems like an eternity, Mr Jafari finally did the decent thing and removed the shipping container that has been a blot on the landscape in Grove Wood today at 3.45pm. Luckily a member of the group was there to record this wonderful moment.

I guess Mr Jafari couldn't face yet another humiliation in the Courts as the issue was due to go to court in August.


markL said...

oh my god i might have a picnic!

Woodburner said...

Result! Well done SMAG for staying the distance and persuading the council to do its job!

Andrew. H said...

Brilliant news. All we now is for that awful fencing to be removed. It really is serving no purpose.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Council don't see this as a sign that his Lordship is a reformed character. We all know he's done it to avoid another humiliating court case.

Well, his appearance on August 3rd should act as a suitable reminder of the sort of person he is.