Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bat walk - Thu 13th May 8.30-9.30pm

Ever wondered what hangs out in the valley of a nightime. Well come and join us for a special bat walk on Thursday May 13th from 8.30-9.30pm. We will be joined by experts from Avon Bat Group who will bring special bat detectors so we can hear the bats and torches so that we can see them too.

Last time we did this we saw rare Daubenton's bats catching insects along the river and tiny pipistrelles in the trees. This year we hope to see the large noctule bat which likes to dart about among the tree tops.

The event is free and everyone is welcome. If you have a torch, please bring it with you.

Bat walk photo: Ian Wade

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stevem said...

Over 50 people came and joined us for the bat walk last night.

Laura from Avon Bat Group told us all about bats and brought along her serotine bat. He is a bat with a broken wing that can't be released back in to the wild and so he is now an educational bat. It was great to see a bat close up.

We then headed up to Quarry Field and very quickly all of our bat detectors were making 'wet slap' noises which meant tiny pipistrelle bats were around. After a while we could see them flying across the field and in to the trees. We waited in Quarry Filed in the hope of seeing large noctule bats, but we think we were a little early.

We then headed down to the river to see the amazing Daubenton's bats catching insects over the surface of the water. The bat detectors went wild and our torches enabled us to glimpse these fast moving bats.

A big thank you to Laura from the Bat Group who so enjoyed the evening she has offered to do another bat walk in Wickham Glen in September.