Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Watch over Grove Wood

The Council have today put up three copies of this notice at the entrance to Grove Wood. The notice makes it clear that the landowner cannot put up or alter any fences, gates, wall or other enclosures in Grove Wood or put up buildings, moveable structures works plant or machinery unless planning permission has been obtained from Bristol City Council.

Very recently Mr Jafari threatened that he would put up 'lots of containers' in Grove Wood and the erection of this notice would seem to confirm that the Council have become concerned that he may once again attempt to erect buildings or other structures in Grove Wood. These notices make it clear that such actions would be illegal. Please keep an eye over Grove Wood over the next few days. If you notice anything untoward taking place, call the planning enforecement team at Bristol City Council on 922 3000. Also contact your local Councillor, Lesley Alexander and send us an email at Someone from the Action Group will be there as soon as possible.

Mr Jafari is due to attend Court soon to account for his lack of action in removing the container.
Update: The notice was also advertised in the Evening Post on May 13th on page 35. Assuming that this notice has also been served on the landowner directly, there can be no excuse for anyone if they flout this order.


stevem said...

A member of the Action Group has just informed us that this notice was also published in today's Evening Post. We also know that this notice was served on the landowner some months ago.

andy-s said...

The landowner has done many things without planning permission in Grove Woods and at his other sites and may well try to do so again. As we know once a container is in place it's a long process to get it removed. If he does try to put more of them in the woods then the best course of action is to stop him before it's done. The workmen are usually not willing to continue once they are informed that what they are being asked to do is probably illegal. Please be vigilant.

Martyn said...

Any attempt to contravene this direction would not only be illegal, it would go against the majority of the people who love this valley and the wildlife that doesn't have a voice.

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic to learn about this website blog and to know that wonderful people are still working together to stop this animal from destroying the woods in our community.