Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Garden progress

Have you noticed how lovely the Snuff Mills garden is starting to look? This is thanks to the regular work of a small team of Snuff Mills Action Group members who have spent hours digging over the beds, planting bulbs and plants and even relaying the edging to the borders. Special thanks must go to Jean, Annette, Dave, Chris and Mark who have spent many an hour sorting out the garden, but there is a much bigger team of people who do their bit too, without whose regular help the garden would not be looking half so good.

You can help too by coming to one of our gardening events in May. This month they are between 10-12 noon on Sunday 9th and 23rd May. You do not have to be a gardener to do your bit, just bring yourself, tools and gloves if you have them.


andy-s said...

Well done - it's looking marvellous. What a difference from how it was pre-SMAG.

Woodburner said...

It's great it's looking like a proper garden again!

Martyn said...

It is lovely to see more colour at Snuf Mills and to welcome people to the gateway to this part of the valley. I hope you will be entering Bristol in Bloom some year. It was a shame about the loss of the Cherry tree who's blossom was a great signifier of Spring. Are there any plans to replant more cherry in this area when the toilets are relocated?