Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Valley Spring Clean

Over twenty people spent Sunday afternoon tidying up all of the rubbish from the valley. All sorts of rubbish was collected from old televisions to the usual detritis that people leave behind.

On a sad note a dead peregrine falcon was also found during the clean up. Its body will be passed on to make sure it was not poisoned as these birds sometimes suffer persecution, though we don't think this is very likely in this case.

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stevem said...

We've since found out that the dead bird was a sparrowhawk and we suspect it had been attacked by the crows live around Quarry Field. They have been quite vicious to other crows this year and they hate sparrowhawks with a passion.

The sparrowhawk was being seen regularly in both Quarry Wood and Grove Wood and hopefully another one will soon find the area attractive and decide to move in to the area.