Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spring in the Valley

After a long hard winter, these cherry trees near the Snuff Mills garden have blossomed to let us know that it's all going to warm up soon and that summer is just around the corner. Many other trees are producing their first leaves, so soon the whole valley will have that special fresh green colour of springtime.

Being an ancient woodland, Grove Wood is host to loads of lovely wildflowers at this time of year. At the moment the wood anemones are at their best, but don't go in the woods too early because the flowers open up in the morning and close at nighttime. Soon it will be the turn of the wild garlic and bluebells. Can you believe someone wants to stop you from enjoying this?

Maybe this person should take some lessons from nature. Just look how these celandines have tried to disguise the ugliness of the container that he put in the wood last May. We recommend that you try to ignore this monstrosity and the ridiculous fencing that greets you as you enter Grove Wood. There is the sheer beauty of nature just beyond. Enjoy!

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