Wednesday, 1 April 2009

TPO confirmed

Great news. Councillors confirmed the Woodland Tree Preservation Order on the whole of Grove Wood this afternoon. 50 people submitted comments to the Development Control Committee. 49 of them supported confirming the TPO while only one was against it. This was a submission by the landowner's agent.

People from the community gave impassioned statements calling for the TPO to be confirmed and the agent for Mr Jafari made a statement that included all sorts of accusations about the campaign and the role of the Council.

Bizarrely, the ownership of Grove Wood has now been transferred to Rhino Group Ltd, a company that the agent claims to at least partly own, although it is registered at Mr Jafari's House in Stoke Bishop. The company describes itself as being in the 'general construction and civil engineering' trade.

I think this is a clear signal that we must continue to be vigilant over Grove Wood by continuing to call for the upper footpath to be designated a Public Right of Way and for the whole wood to be designated a Town Green as well as calling for Grove Wood to be brought in to safe public ownership.

But for now it is time to celebrate the latest success in our campaign to save Grove Wood.


andy-s said...

Brilliant! Well done everyone. Now let's work on getting this wood back from Jafari/Rhino/Mairveritas or whoever/whatever the current alias is and make it is properly safe for the future.

Mogz said...

Well done to everyone for their hard work on this. Now lets work on making this area open to all. Rubbish and harrassment free!