Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Fair

Our Easter Egg Hunt through the Valley on Easter Monday was very successful and really appreciated by all who took part. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it, and how it made them think about the wildlife that is in the area, which is great news. A special thank you to Sue for organising it and for running it with just one other person as we were very short on helpers that day.

The Spring Fair took £205.06p and there was a steady trickle of people all afternoon and several people seemed to spend a fair bit. Everyone worked really hard from Snuff Mills Action Group to set it up and run the stalls, make the teas and clear up afterwards. Thanks to Hilary and Sue for running the White elephant stall, Andy and John for the book stall and Janet and Hilary(2) for organising the teas and coffees. A special thank you to Annette for some wonderful cakes decorated with easter chicks and rabbits and some lovely meringues from Lesley. They all went down well with a nice warm cuppa. Lots of member's of Chris' family helped on various stalls and Jill donated loads of toiletries, but the star stall was the Cake stall, run by Alan and his wife Joan, which took over £57! Joan made loads of lovely cakes and presented them beautifully and other people also made cakes to sell.

Thanks to everyone that came along. They'll be more events soon.

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