Saturday, 7 August 2010

New benches for Snuff Mills

Our team of volunteers began installing the new benches in Snuff Mills today. The project is being led by Snuff Mills superhero Mark Logan who is really chuffed with how the new benches look.

Eleven benches will eventually be installed, some of them in quieter places so you can have a peaceful sit down. Each bench has been sponsored by different people and groups in the local community, usually in memory of a loved one, with match funding from The People's Millions. The second picture shows Keith and Sandra Ingham by the bench they sponsored. Keep an eye out for more benches as we put them in over the next few weeks.


John & Kath said...

Great to get such good and positive reaction from the passing public. The gentleman with the small dog by the Mill who enquired about the S.M.A.G.and is looking up this site for future activities etc.
The three ladies and dog by the new stone works ( Wall ). Commented how nice the paths are, what a grand job S.M.A.G. are doing. They did however bring to my notice the rubbish floating in the river and commented on the lack of litter and doggy bins.
The two other ladies who said what a wonderful and beautiful place the gardens are. They emphisied their pleasure greatly and more or less ordered us to give their personal thanks to all the members responsible for the hard work they put in.
Just add our own thank yous to the hard working members who are helping to make it such a nicer place, and of course all those who voted for us.
John & Kath.

markL said...

here here it wouldn't be possible without ALL those people who dedicate alot of their free time to help out and keep the whole area looking as good as it is now.

(flattering comments indeed Steve! but I would like to assure everyone that i wont be wearing and lycra, spandex or wearing my pants on the outside so your safe to enjoy the valley!)

Woodburner said...

Great job with the benches so far. SM is really starting to look as if it's getting the tlc it deserves and which the council never seemed to want to give it.