Monday, 9 August 2010

Get off my land!

We had this report from a local person who was enjoying a walk through Grove Wood yesterday:

"Was taking a leisurely stroll along the upper path of Grove Wood this afto, with my friend Karen and Jack...thank goodness, when we were accosted by some bloke telling us this was a private footpath and we were trespassing! He said his name was John Meer? and his company owned it. Well, two Conservation Society women and Jack were no match for him, and he hurried on his way muttering about calling the Police!
What is the position with the compulsory purchase order? and do you know who John Meer is?
I am not easily scared but Karen was quite concerned for our safety! We did wonder if he may just have been a 'Patient' !"

John Mair is apparently the 'solicitor' for Housang 'chopper' Jafari, the landowner of Grove Wood. We think this is proof that the Council should hurry up and Compulsory Purchase Grove Wood as he clearly is not welcoming to visitors to this proposed nature reserve.

If you have any similar expeiences, please let us know so we can gather more evidence of such behaviour


andy-s said...

That's a rather odd thing for a 'solicitor' to be doing; harrasing women on a woodland footpath! Were they damaging anything? Were they engaging in any illegal activity? No, I very much doubt they were so why is a 'solicitor' there bothering them and threatening to call the police? How absurd. The quicker BCC get the land from these 'gentlemen' the better for everyone.

Barney said...

You'd hope a solicitor might have learned that trespassing is not a criminal offence in English law. What did he expect the police to do?

Karen said...

When I drove past this morning, the gate to Grove Woods was closed, ironically the one by the public footpath sign?

Eagle Eye said...

He can't be a very busy 'Solictor' if he has time to harass dog walkers and help Jafari supervise the removal of a branch from a fallen willow tree (like I witnessed a couple of weeks ago.