Monday, 28 September 2009

Open meeting

Thanks to the nearly 50 people, who attended tonight's meeting about Snuff Mills, including John Mair, Lord Jafari's agent. We will update this blog with further details of everything that was discussed in due course.

It was useful to have a lively discussion with a representative of the landowner and it was certainly a really useful step in trying to build a relationship between the community and the landowner, but this is just the first step in trying to resolve all the issues that surround Grove Wood. It was in no way a consultation about the future management of the woodland and we have informed the Forestry Commission to this effect.


andy-s said...

It certainly was a useful meeting. However I'm concerned about the landowner meeting the Forestry Commision; what for? Is he planning more disruption or planning to use that to try and keep the cabin in place? I think the suggestion from one audience member to John Mair that they should prove their good will by immediately removing the cabin AND the fencing was an excellent one and I also urged Mr Mair to do so after the meeting. Well done to Steve for organising everything once again.

Janet said...

Thanks for a good informative meeting on Monday evening. First I have attended. Watching the cabin and fencing, but not holding my breath!!

Becki said...

Interesting to see Mr Mair at the meeting on Monday evening. I would urge anyone who took Mr Mair at face value to take what he said with a very large pinch of salt.

I am sure his soft soap has worked wonders with people who have not worked closely with the Grove Wood campaign. Luckily those in the know will not be swayed by Mr Mair. I for one doubt very much that Mr Mair and Mr Jafari give two hoots about the local community. If they did, they would have acted on the requests of Bristol City Council to prune the trees on Blackberry Hill and clear the footpath through Grove Wood of fallen Trees. Instead the Council had to step in and do the work.

It's not a coincidence that suddenly Mr Jafari claims to want to work in the wood now he has been told to remove the ugly container.

Let's face it, actions speak louder than words. And all of Mr Jafari's actions are about making money and he will not be happy until he has made some kind of profit out of Grove Wood. So I would like to congratulate those who challenged Mr Mair on Monday night. Keep up the good work for all of us who really care about the area.

Mogz said...

Becki how refreshing to see a new name on the blog, and refreshing again to see that this issue is alive and well and that no matter how much people would like us to go away, its not going to happen!

andy-s said...

It seems that the reason the Forestry Commission, the Council and SMAG have been hearing from Mr J & Mr M is just as we suspected: they are arguing to keep the cabin in the woods in order to do further 'work' (for that read damage/upset/disruption).

markL said...

The law is the law
He has been served notice to move the cabin therefore he must.
If the council do not enforce then we must challenge them on this.
However if he wishes to bring the cabin back the next day there is nothing we can do as long as he is using it for work in the wood.
I hate this jus as much as anybody lets just hope that he moves it off and doesnt bring it back

Grove Wood rover said...

I think the removal of the cabin is a real test for Jafari/Mair. If they don't move it, it will prove theit intentions are not honourable, no matter what they might say at a public meeting. Actions speak louder than words.