Saturday, 5 September 2009

Deer in the valley

A few people have been reporting seeing deer in the valley recently. We think there are at least two types in the area. The native roe deer has been seen around Snuff Mills in the fields and woods above the car park and the muntjac (pictured) has been seen close to the river. Muntjac have been introduced from Japan, but have spread throughout England. They are really small and you'd be very lucky to see them as they are very timid. Roe deer are a little braver, but also flee at the sight or smell of humans.

You are most likely to see them at dawn or dusk when the valley is quiet, so if you have dogs that like to chase animals, beware. Unlike squirrels, that dash up trees, or rabbits, that go down holes, when a deer is being chased it will run for miles. You could be waiting for a long time for your dog to return.

Has anyone else seen deer recently?


veronica said...

Deer chased (uncaught!) by my dog in fields, part of Eastville Park 9th. October.
Later seen on the football pitches in the park.

Local man said he often sees a stag with a few hinds near the childrens' play area, top of the park.

Same group which visits Snuff Mills?


Claire said...

Woke up the last 4 mornings to Roe deer outside my window. I live in a cottage that backs onto a field along the Frome. I thought there was only one, I've got some nice photos, but saw the 2nd deer prancing along in grass this morning. Very graceful, a real treat.