Monday, 14 September 2009

Owl prowl - 17th September

If you live close to Snuff Mills you've probably heard the tawny owls hooting and screeching during the night. We've organised a special event to find out more about these elusive birds with leading owl expert Chris Sperring. He'll lead us on a twilight walk to look and listen for them. He may even be able to confirm that they are really singing 'save Grove Wood' when they are hooting.

The event takes place on Thursday 17th September from 7.30pm and costs a very modest £2. Numbers are limited as we do not want to disturb the wildlife, so get your tickets in advance by emailing


Andrew H said...

I just wanted to say thanks to Chris and Sue for organizing this event.It was an enjoyable evening and I am glad are local owls did not let us down!

stevem said...

It was an amazing evening. Chris called the owls and they hooted back at us. We heard a pair who seem to have be based around the woods opposite and behind River View, though their territory probably extends througout Grove Wood and the woods in Snuff Mills too.

There might also be another owl territory further up the valley in to Oldbury Court.

If anyone hears owls in the area, let us know so we can work out how many owls we have!

A big thank you to Sue for organising it and to Chris for really sharing his passion for owls with us. Chris has a great blog too, have a look:

Chris Sperring said...

Hi Everyone at Snuff Mills, thank you for a great evening. It was a real eye opener for me, what a real wild treasure you have in this area. I will cross everything I have for the 24 November. Anytimer you want me back to more you just let me know...Chris Sperring MBE