Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tackling a problem

You might remember that a kingfisher was found tangled up in fishing tackle a few months ago. Over the weekend a member of of Snuff Mills Action Group retreived these little collection of discarded >tackle between the garden and Halfpenny Bridge along with 30 foot of nylon fishing line. We love the fact that anglers can spend time in the valley catching fish. It is meant to be one of the most relaxing things to do. We just wish the few fishermen who do not retrieve their tackle or fish under trees where line could get caught up would think of the other great fisherman of the valley - the beautiful kingfisher.


andy-s said...

I too collect this sort of dangerous detritus from the trees and river bank in Grove Wood. Kingfishers and other birds are constantly flying up and down the river and it's the only way to make it safe for them, not to mention other animals, pets or even children on the bank who may fall foul of hook or line. Add to this the beer cans, opened corned beef and other fish bait tins, plastic bags and glass bottles and you have a serious menace that needs some equally serious policing in my opinion. I have picked up countless items of rubbish and bags of dog faeces and taken them to the bin in the park. Maybe it would be a help for the council to install a litter bin and a dog waste bin on the road near the entrance to Grove Wood.

Unknown said...

A bin might be a good idea, Andy, there would be even less excuse.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a real shame one or two anglers are giving them all a bad name and endangering wildlife in the process.

I would have thought that if you like sitting by the river for hours, you'd want to protect the wildlife that keeps you company.