Monday, 7 June 2010

Chainsaws in Grove Wood

With just three days before Grove Wood goes to Bristol City Council to possibly start the process to declare a Local Nature Reserve, you'd have thought the landowner would be trying to show he is a responsible landowner. Judging by today's events this would appear not to be the case. This white van appeared deep in Grove Wood this morning with two men with chainsaws. The noise could be heard from Snuff Mills and one group member set off to investigate. She found men chopping up wood in the woods and told them they could be disturbing protected species. Another Group member set off and was told he was tresspassing while telling the men that they could be breaking the law if they disturb protected wildlife. After many calls, a Council Officer appeared on site also telling them to conduct a proper assessment before doing work. They'd already stopped but it seemed to stop them from starting again.

We are not sure of the full details of the situation, or the rights and wrongs of it, but we do know that this is the worst time of year to do any work in woodland - bats are breeding and birds are nesting and you are breaking the law if you disturb them.

We need that nature reserve as quickly as possible.


Anonymous said...

Jafari was up to the same old tricks - tearing down notices when escorting his contractors onto the woodland so they are unaware of the Woodland TPO and any restrictions.

If he wants to make a bit of pocket money before the Council will inevitably take the land off him he would be better off clearing up the metal debris and selling it as scap.

Anonymous said...
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