Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring has sprung

Have you noticed all the water that trickles down Grove Wood just as the footpath heads uphill. We thought this was a broken drain, but Wessex Water have investigated and they tell us it is a natural spring. There used to be several natural springs on the Snuff Mills side of the valley before the quarrying took place and there are still places where water seeps out of the rocks, but it is good to know that a spring has sprung in Grove Wood.

Meanwhile, the first day of spring seems to have finally woken up all of the wildlife in the valley. Many woodland flowers are starting to sprout and daffodils are flowering in the garden. Birds are also preparing to nest with blackbirds, magpies, great and blue tits and many other songbirds all collecting nesting material to start building their nests. The valley is a great place to see the seasons changing - don't forget about our dawn chorus event on April 11th when you'll be able to meet a bird expert who will be able to tell us which birds are which!

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