Sunday, 7 March 2010

Big litter pick

Look at all the rubbish we collected from Snuff Mills and Grove Wood today (Sunday 7th March).

From Snuff Mills we collected an old bike, car battery and inumerable beer cans (someone in the area is a big fan of Stella Artois and Fosters). We also collected a few new helpers on the day too. Thanks for joining us.

We removed lots of rubbish left along the footpath in Grove Wood as there was no sign of the landowner ever bothering to clear up the woods. Most of the rubbish seems to coincide with where anglers like to fish and included corn beef cans left with their sharp edges open just ready for wildlife, dogs or even a child to cut themselves on.

A couple of people wore waders and checked the river for discarded fishing line too.


andy-s said...

Well done everyone! Some of those cans we found were the ring-pull type that were left with the lid half pulled off; a perfect trap for an animal's nose, beak or foot. Not pleasant!

We also found some sewage waste spilling down from a drain on the Grove Wood side. We have reported that to Wessex Water and the Environment Agency.

Martyn said...

It was good to clean the area up for Spring, though ultimately it would be better if people didn't litter in the first place. I'm still concerned about rusting metal straps on the south side of the river, which must have been discarded from the fencing in Grove Wood.

On another point, I think the new surfacing and opening out of the path toward Eastville Park is a great improvement. I think cyclists and wheelchair-users will particularly benefit and it should encourage more people up from Eastville Park. I was very pleased to see the dangerous drain cover has finally been replaced at Wickham Glen. Well done BCC!

andy-s said...

I'm happy to report that both Wessex Water and the Environment Agency have been very responsive over the matter of the sewer and drain leaks in Grove Wood. Wessex are going to investigate the drain with CCTV and hopefully they will come up with a permanet solution to the overflow problem. They are also investigating the water leak further along the valley. Well done WW & EA!