Monday, 14 December 2009

Grove Wood Town Green Application submitted

We submitted our application for Grove Wood to become a Town or Village Green to Bristol City Council on 26 November. The Council have now acknowledged receipt of the application and we expect it to be considered some time next year.

We had over 100 people send us evidence about their use of Grove Wood for legal sports and past-times, dating back to the 1920s. Activities included walking, orienteering, rambling, bird watching, but our favourite was the person that used the woods for ferret walking!

If the application is successful it will mean that Grove Wood will be free for people to enjoy for all time. It would also make it impossible for public access to be restricted in any way and make it practically impossible to put any form of development on the land.

We will post more information about this application in due course, but for now, can we just say a big thank you to everyone who provided us with the vital evidence we needed to make such a strong case for this.


Martyn said...

There seems to be a lot of support for this from local communities, the wider Bristol public and many of the organisations involved with the environment. Surely the Council will see sense in granting this area the status it deserves.

Hopefully the landowner will not see (or manipulate) this action as a personal attack and similalry recognises the true value of this habitat to both wildlife and the people who have used this valley for generations.

Mogz said...

Again with the good news. (Although obviously its ratification will be the best ever.) All we need to do now is get that container moved. Come on BCC, get a move on!