Sunday, 6 December 2009

Snuff Millions celebration

We gathered in the garden on 27th November to celebrate being the top runners up for the People's Millions.

Peter Rowell from ITV came along and presented us with a big cheque and we enjoyed a well earned glass of champagne.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen.


stevem said...

We've had over 50 messages of congratulation about the People's Millions. They've come from people who just love Snuff Mills as well as people who now live abroad or outside Bristol and remember it with great affection. I just wanted to share a few of the ones that are really lovely.


Well done Steve!

I have been fortunate to be involved in so many wonderful things in my life, but, until yesterday, I had never sat down with 3 telephones ensuring that I 'milked' the opportunity to do my bit for dear old 'Snuffy Jacks!'

It is fantastic to hear that the great scheme that you and your dedicated team have put togehter is to receive such a handsome sum!!!

This is from a famous Bob:
The best news I have heard for a long time - I am elated - especially as I have known Vassalls/Snuffy Jacks as my 'second home' for three quarters of a century.

I was amongst those who were privileged to have had the joy of roaming the woods, picnicing in the fields, exploring the rock formations, fishing for 'tiddlers', playing cricket and football, attending the church rallies, rambling, and courting, taking my own children to enjoy the open spaces, woods and river, and now taking my dear granddaughter to do all these things.

We inherited a precious legacy, and now, because of YOU and your deicated team, I shall be amongst those who will take enormous pleasure at seeing the legacy passed on to future generations 'all shipshape and Bristol fashion'.


stevem said...

From someone who isn't very well, but took the time to contact us:

Conhgratullations for all the energy you have put in to this endeavour! I remember as a child walking from our business in Grosvenor Road ,St.Pauls to A friend of my father who had a smallholding in Frenchay to collect fresh veg. our garden was taken over by a large Air raid shelter but this did not protect the kitchen and scullery which were demolished by incendaries twice.The stretch from Easville Park (later denuded of its railings was always magical and when we came here in 1969 things were still good although then we were heavily committed to save Stoke house thus started the local Soc. which involved us and the older Stan Ware and Tom Bullock and Viv's dad.Our campaigns were less successful in the short term than yours and so I want to congratulate everyone involved.We wrote e-mails and contacted friends to do the same and I am delighted that the 10 votes each have been rewarded.
As I had a small stroke afew days ago I am still not very active.
All good wishes

stevem said...

From one of our MPs

This is really great news!

I'm presenting awards at an event in Old Market tomorrow morning, and so unfortunately I won't be able to be there for the celebration.

Please pass on my congratulations to all involved in the project. I look forward to seeing the end results!

Best wishes,


stevem said...

And from the other one:


Brilliant! Well done!

Sorry I can't be with you tomorrow.


stevem said...

And this is very like many others we have received:


I voted 30 times on 3 different fone numbers and was sooooooo disappointed with the result, so this is excellent news!!!

Best regards

Thanks again to everyone who voted to help make this happen for Snuff Mills