Sunday, 1 March 2009

Snuff Mills woodland project

The woodland above Snuff Mills is really valuable for wildlife and we know that many types of bird and bat breed and feed there. Badgers, foxes and deer also forage for food among the trees. The woodland mostly grew up after the quarrying ended, although the woodland above the car park was planted when the old quarry that was there was filled in.

We plan to improve Snuff Mills woodlands over the next few years by making and then putting up bird and bat boxes to encourage more of these creatures to make the woodland their home. We are also going to collect acorns and the seeds of the rare wild service tree from the valley and grow them on so that they can be planted in the woodland later. Oaks are the most valuable of trees for wildlife and we hope that a few more oaks in Snuff Mills will make it even better for nature.

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