Monday, 23 March 2009

Snuff Mills wildlife talk and open meeting

Nearly 60 people enjoyed local photographer and cameraman Richard Taylor Jones' fantastic talk about the wildlife in the mile around his home in Stapleton at our meeting on 23rd March. Richard has filmed badgers and foxes in people's gardens and elusive kingfishers along the river. Who'd have thought we now have ravens close to the Church or sparrowhawks hunting over Snuff Mills. Thanks to Richard for putting together such an interesting talk.

There was also an update about Snuff Mills Action Group highlighting all the Group's plans for 2009 including cleaning up the valley, renovating the garden and growing oaks and rare wild service trees for the woodland. There was also an update about the campaign to save Grove Wood which included encouragement for everyone to provide evidence for the plans to designate the area a Town Green so that we can enjoy it for all time.

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