Saturday, 19 May 2012

Birdsong walk a treat for the early riser

This morning's birdsong walk led by Ed Drewitt was a real treat.  Among the highlights were the sound of the stock dove near Laundry Field - declining in numbers so good to know it's here in the valley, and a great spotted woodpeckers' nest with noisy fledglings in residence.  Other sightings/hearings included green woodpecker, chiff chaff, house sparrows, goldcrest, wood pigeon, grey wagtail, moorhen, mallard duck, wrens and robins aplenty, magpies, thrushes song and missle, black cap, great blue and long tail tits, blackbird, jay, grey heron, collar dove, lesser black back gull over Laundry Field, and of course the lovely kingfisher which obliged with a fly past or two as we walked along by the river.  Grove Wood was full of the bustle of birds foraging for their young and announcing their territorial rights.  It was a still, overcast morning, great for being able to hear what was going on.  Thanks to Ed for a really fascinating walk.
Don't miss Tuesday's Botany walk for an opportunity to find out about the plants in the valley - another fascinating event.  Meet in the garden at 6.30.

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