Sunday, 10 July 2011

Garden Inspected

Representatives of the Royal Horticultural Society and Bristol City Council visited the Snuff Mills garden over the weekend to look at all the work that has been done by the Action Group to improve it. We are hoping that all the hard work of the volunteers (some pictured here including gardening coordinator Jean Davidge in the wheelbarrow) will be rewarded with some sort of acolade from the RHS or the Council. They deserve it for all the hard work and for transforming the garden in to a thing of beauty.


Martyn said...

The garden area is now a lovely place to stop and enjoy a variety of plants and flowers of all shapes and colours, as well as a much improved gateway to the eastern part of the Snuff Mills valley. I'm sure the flowers will attract a greater richness of wildlife too. This would be recognition well-deserved for their many hours of voluntary commitment.

John said...

Its surprising how more people seem to stop and comment about the lovely gardens. One couple appeared to be interested in looking up this blog and possibly joining S,M.A.G.
Today some parents gave their children money to donate to the cause. They are very appreciative when informed of the work being done by volunteers. One gent asked if we were paid volunteers?
Will look better still when all the wood work has been treated and painted. ( Benches, wooden litter bins and signs etc. )