Sunday, 10 April 2011

Grove Wood update

The Inquiry in to whether Grove Wood should become a Town/Village Green was adjouneed after four days of evidence last week. The hearing will start again in July when more evidence will be presented and Lord Jafari and his agent, John Mair, will give evidence and be cross examined. Both sides will also have a chance to sum up their cases. After this, the Inspector will write his report and we should know whether he recommends that Grove Wood should be registered as a Town Village Green by the early Autumn at the latest.

Thanks to everyone who came and gave evidence at the hearing and to others who came along to watch the proceedings.


markL said...

A huge thanks should also be echoed to Steve, Cheryl and Sue who had to sit through 4 days and an evening of this Inquiry. Not forgetting those who also helped in the background!
Big up to you all.

Callan said...

Here, here.