Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ghost seen at Snuff Mills?

We were sent this message today by someone, has anybody had similar experiences in the valley?

"My wife and I walked along the river Frome from Frenchay for the first time this week, what a wonderful walk! As we arrived at Snuffmills there was an elderly couple in front of us with an alsation dog. They turned right around the old snuffmills and entered the building through what we assumed was the entrance to the cafe. When we tried to do the same there were black railings and a padlocked iron fence leading to the waterwheel. They had walked through the fence and disappeared.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?"


Anonymous said...

They should have gone to specsavers!!!!!

Callan said...

Should have gone to spooksavers!

Scooby Doo said...

Well, there are lots of ghost stories linked to the valley, so who knows?

Perhaps we should get Derek Acorah from Most Haunted to make a visit.