Saturday, 11 December 2010

All about Snuff Mills

A new booklet all about the history and wildlife of Snuff Mills is now available. There is an accompanying oral history cd put together by children from Begbrook School.

You can get a copy of the booklet and cd from the Snuff Mills cafe.


andy-s said...

This is a super little book, full of interesting facts and photos. Get some from the Cafe in Snuff Mills for stocking fillers - I have!

Peter Maggs said...

Any chance of sending me the booklet in the post as i live in Surrey!
Snuff Mills brings back lovely memories when i was 8 years old.
I lived in Begbrook House Sterncourt Rd in the 1960's and remember looking down from Sterncourt Rd into the rather deep and big banks leading to the stream.
If my memory serves me right there was a little bridge to cross over.
It is now all overgrown.

stevem said...

Peter - please email us at and we will arrange to send you the booklet and CD.