Thursday, 7 October 2010

Toodle loo

The new loos arrived in Snuff Mills car park this morning on the back of a large trailer - they are prefabricated apparently. So it looks like it won't be long before people will feel much happier about spending a penny in Snuff Mills. This will be in contrast to 2002 when the existing toilets were judged to be the worst public loos in the whole of Britain.


Martyn said...

I think when the old toilets get demolished and the area is re-landscaped it will feel wonderful, particularly for people who come from further a field and any new visitors who can also enjoy this beautiful green valley. Do we have SMAG's securement of lottery money to thank for this or is it being funded by the Council?

stevem said...

Thanks Martyn

The new loos have been made possible through Section 106 money. This is money that developers pay to the Council as part of the planning application process.

When Snuff Mills Action Group was set up, we undertook a survey of visitors to Snuff Mills and local residents. Top of the list for improvements was the loos, so it's great that the Council have listened to people's wishes and done something about them.