Saturday, 27 February 2010

Site works

Over the next few weeks a few things will be happening in Snuff Mills as part of our People's Millions project to improve the valley for everyone.

Volunteers from The Green Gym will be in the valley every Friday for the next three weeks clearing some of the scrub between the paths to create views across the valley from the upper path. They will also be cutting back some of the vegetation from the entrance to Snuff Mills to make it more welcoming.

Bristol City Council staff will be removing some of the trees and bushes that grow in the garden and next to the river. We need to do this to get more light in to the garden so that we can continue to renovate it.

A contractor will be removing trees from around the toilets to make them feel safer and to try to deter anti-social behaviour.

We will be removing some of the old benches and soon the paths will be resurfaced and new benches installed.

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