Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Laundry Field signs

The signs in Laundry Field seem to have attracted a quite a lot of attention recently and hardly any of them still have the warnings about sticking to the footpath on anymore as the stickers have been pulled off.

The HCA have been in contact with us to say that the signs will be replaced and if they continue to be vandalised, they may need to take further action because it is criminal damage. This could include seeking to restrict access to the field although they have assured us that they do not wish to do so at present.

While we understand the anger that the signs have caused, we do not condone vandalism or criminal damage and we want to maintain a good relationship with the HCA because we believe this is the best way to ensure Laundry Field is saved.

We are in contact with the HCA and are discussing whether a less offensive looking sign could go up. More news soon.

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