Thursday, 23 July 2009

Treeworks start

As promised, the Council pruned the trees along Blackberry Hill on Wednesday 22nd July. This much needed work means that cyclists and pedestrians can use the pavement next to Grove Wood safely and that any demands by the landownner to fell them should be turned down because they do not pose any sort of health and safety risk.

The top picture is after the trees were pruned and the the bottom one is how they looked last year. This shows that the work seems to have been done with as much sensitivity to the amenity value of these trees as possible. A far cry to what could have happened if the original decision to fell them had not been challenged by local people and a real indication of just how much Bristol City Council's attitude to Grove Wood and its trees has improved.


markL said...

I walked along Blackberry Hill last night and could almost here the wood breathing again. Surely this is good for the wood as it will let light through and help invigorate the floor also no need to fell any trees under health and safety grounds for road users/cyclists/pedestrians. Ihope everyone will support the council in the works they have done.

stevem said...

I walked through Grove Wood this morning only to discover that the fallen trees that blocked the lower footpath have been removed and there are now neat piles of big logs where once there were big trunks over the path. In time these will begin to rot down creating great habitat for woodland creatures.

It was rather lovely walking next to the river without having to clamber over fallen trees all the time. It's also great to have two different routes through Grove Wood fully open, we just need the Council to get on and designate the upper path so the landowner doesn't try to prevent access to it again somehow.

Martyn said...

Yes, congratulations to the Council for managing the trees so that we and future generations can continue to enjoy this landscape. I'm delighted the lower footpath has been cleared and is more accessible to the public who can enjoy this semi-natural woodland and wildlife haven whilst minimising their impact on the environment. Has the tree been removed from the river yet?

Unknown said...

I walked through the wood this morning and was likewise impressed at the work done, which has been achieved with minimal disruption and damage. Great result!