Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Grove Wood tree news

At last! Bristol City Council have issued a five day notice to enforce the clearance of the public footpath in Grove Wood and the pruning of the trees that overhang Blackberry Hill.

The five day notice can be viewed here:

Here's what it says: Blackberry Hill/Broom Hill: Tree pruning to provide adequate clearance for vehicles, pedestrians & cyclists using Blackberry Hill.
Grove Wood Public of Way 153: Clearance of fallen trees to free access of public right of way. Covered by Tree Preservation Order No. 1092. (5 Day Notice)

Snuff Mills Action Group has been consulted on the proposal and we agree with the amount of work proposed with a few refinements.

We would like the clearance of the footpath in Grove Wood done with extreme sensitivity to avoid any disturbance of protected kingfishers, otters and bats. We are asking for all logs to be stacked well away from the river and for an ecologist to be on site at all times to ensure the work is done properly.

We have also called for one lime tree on Blackberry Hill to be less severely pruned than proposed and for a couple of elms to also be pruned a little less harshly.

We are confident that with these adaptations the footpath can be cleared and the wonderful trees along Blackberry Hill pruned sensitively without damage to their great beauty.

The five day notice system means that the landowner will be required to undertake this work and if he does not do it within a reasonable time the Council will go and do it for him - and charge him for doing it. Snuff Mills Action Group would like to congratulate Bristol City Council on its much more enlightened attitude to the issues surrounding Grove Wood. Long may it continue.

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